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        Because the patient is at the centre of our attention, we want everyone to benefit from the quality of the therapies that we can provide. This is why we always have promotions for different types of therapies, promotions that will make them more accessible, even the most expensive ones. In dentistry, expensive usually means better and due to promotions, each patient will receive the highest quality dental therapies for the benefit of his/her health and his/her smile aesthetics.


          If you follow this page and the main page "Home" you can always find out about our latest promotions.

PARA-LUXADENT Free therapy day

2nd September, 2014

We still have the FREE THERAPY DAY AT PARA-LUXADENT. On this day you can benefit from Para-Luxadent therapies FOR FREE !!! Follow us on our Facebook  page or on the page  "Home" to find out when this day is..


How does it work? What does this day mean?


It means that on that specific day you can benefit from treatments from Para-Luxadent FOR FREE. All the dental treatments that can be done in a single session are included in these free treatments. These treatments do not include the professional dental whitening, the actual execution of dental dentures, implants. Why? Because they require more treatment sessions. However, these treatments have and will always have separate periodical promotions. However, a part of their preparatory treatments may be required, if they can be completed in a single session, in which case they can be made free of charge.


All you have to do is follow us regularly to see when the FREE DAY TREATMENT AT PARA-LUXADENT is going to be and to call for an appointment (appointments will be made in limited places available). This day will be announced the week before. The announcements will be posted on our Facebook page, on our website - - and in all the Facebook groups we are members in.

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