For easier information you have in this page, three sections with the price lists and types of treatment classified into categories. The three sections - Obturation, Endodontics | Periodontics, Surgery | Aesthetics, Prosthetics - can be accessed from the corresponding buttons present in each section.



- Treatments of caries = restoration by the help of obturation (fillings) of caries resulting from caries;             

- Endodontic treatments = treatment of dental pulp diseases (“nerve”);             

- Periodontal treatments = treatments for gums and bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth;             

- Minor oral-maxillo-facial surgery = treatments involving surgical intervention on the tissues of the oral cavity;             

- Cosmetic dentistry = whitening treatments, preparatory treatments for whitening and dental jewellery application;             

- Prosthetic treatments and prosthetic aesthetic = treatments ensuring the restoration of the areas with missing teeth, treatments “Hollywood smile”, dental

  aesthetic treatments by the help of which we ensure THE PERFECT SMILE;             

- Prophylaxis = treatments and indications for prevention of the orodental diseases.


Perfect Smile
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