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               For easier information you have in this page, three sections with the price lists and types of treatment classified into categories. The three sections - Obturation, Endodontics | Periodontics, Surgery | Aesthetics, Prosthetics - can be accessed from the corresponding buttons present in each section.


Manual scaling
200 lei
Ultrasonic scaling
300 lei
Brushing (pastes, gums, etc)
50 lei
Gums painting-ZnCl2, other solutions
30 lei
Subgingival curettage
50 lei
150 lei
200 lei
50 lei
Gingival osteoplasty
350 lei
2350 lei
Ridge augmentation
2000 lei
Implants decapsulation
50 lei
Anaesthesia with a disposable syringe
5 lei
Uniject anaesthesia
10 lei
Monoradicular extraction
150 lei
Pluriradicular extraction
200 lei
Temporary tooth extraction
100 lei
Alveolitis therapy
50 lei
Transmaxillary drainage
50 lei
Abscess incision
50 lei
Alveolar curettage
50 lei
Apical resection
600 lei
Premolarization, amputation
200 lei
Wisdom tooth decapsulation
50 lei

Periodontology, surgery prices

Periodontal therapies

Minor oral-maxillo-facial surgery

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