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About us

        We have always wanted to demonstrate that the preconceptions related to Romania, to Romanian doctors, can be overcome. We always wanted to show that in Romania the professionalism also exists, that the border of the quality dentistry does not stop western from us.

      By the training of our physicians, by the attention of all our stuff, by the results we achieve, but also through the technical facilities we have, the pleasant ambience in which the treatments run and through the professional improvement and continuous technique, we can say that we already proved that anyone can trust the quality of the services we offer.

        THE HUMAN BEING is in the middle of our attention, the patient who addresses us with his/her sufferings. Since our respect for him/her is unlimited, we offer him/her our entire training, all the talent we have and all the types of treatments that fit him/her, at the right price for each. Each patient is offered a completely individualized plan of treatment, from all points of view, that will satisfy him/her both functionally and aesthetically. Aesthetics and functionality of our treatments are of a high quality level, sustained by a permanent professional training and cutting-edge technical equipment.

The object of our work

       Our activity consists in the provision of dental services, namely:

  • prophylactic treatment of oral diseases;

  • treatment of caries (odontological);

  • treatment of pulpitis, necrosis and gangrene (endodontically);

  • treatment of periodontitis (periodontics);

  • prosthetic treatment of toothless (prosthetic);

  • toothless treatment (dental gaps) by implants and prosthetic superstructure on implants (implants);

  • surgical treatment of various diseases of the oral cavity, such as: granuloma, cysts, epulis,  teeth included, root debris, etc. (small dental surgery);

  • surgical treatment necessary to the proprosthetic preparation of the prosthetic field;

  • aesthetic dentistry, whitening and dental jewellery application.

Brief history

      The company PARA-LUXADENT was founded in 1995 with the aim that through the cabinets that it will set up and manage, to provide the full range of dental treatments required at a high quality and technological level. To the date, these goals were successfully fulfilled and that is why all the patients that came to us, were very pleased with the services offered.
      So far the endowment and the arrangement were renewed several times in an effort to continually raise the quality level.
      Through our physicians we strive to offer you, a high-class therapy, painless as much as possible, and with a maximum aesthetic

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